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Monday May 15th 2006

'Retail of the Tape'

#1 - 

"The first best of breed stock you should check out is Best Buy (BBY).  BBY is the best hard goods retailer in the United States.  Hey, they're in China - make it the world!

They're the dominant player when it comes to technology and big screen TVs, and that dominance, frankly, is virtually unchallenged.  I'm serious about that!

I only want you looking at this guy when it's relatively cheap and it still be king."

#2 -  

"The next stock I've got to give you, in contrast to the BBY, is Lowes (LOW).  LOW may be smaller than Home Depot (HD), but that means they've got more room to grow!

Growth is really the way these co.s get valued by the institutional guys who buy all the stock.  Hey, that's what makes LOW the greatest hardware store in the world!

The bottom line!:  In hard goods, there's only one king and that is BBY.  In hardware, you need to shrug off the tyrannical yoke of the Home Despot (HD), and get into some LOW; of course, only if you can get it at a discount."

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