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Tuesday May 23, 2006


"A buyback does something special; it ensures that no matter how bad the market gets, no matter rough the selloff, there will always be a buyer to cushion the fall:  the company itself.

Let me tell you what I did.  I ran a screen for the most effective buybacks. 

I think the 15 best buybacks are the following:
Citigroup Inc. C
Time Warner Inc. TWX
Boeing Company, The BA
PepsiCo, Inc. PEP
CBS Corporation CBS
The Home Depot, Inc. HD
News Corporation NWS
Amgen, Inc. AMGN
Chevron Corporation CVX
Texas Instruments Incorporated TXN
Johnson & Johnson JNJ
McDonald's Corporation MCD
Sears Holdings Corporation SHLD
Nokia Corporation (ADR) NOK

All of those qualify as co.s that are on the same page as you, as shareholders!

These are the 15 companies with the strongest buybacks.

I know, you want me to narrow it down.  You want me to do the homework.  Okay, okay.  I'll give you the top 5 best buybacks on the list; these are the top 5 trampolines; the ones that I would tell you, when the market comes down and does one of those hideous dives, these are "all aboard!"

If you want to, you can turn these stocks into a 'buyback portfolio.'  Now, it wouldn't be invulnerable, but this should shield you from some of the real ultimate side effects of the volatility.

I've got to give an honorable mention right now to PEP and JNJ.  They love their stocks, but you see the upside to both of them is strictly limited.  In the first case, by the ongoing, endless cola wars.  And, in the second case, the drug stocks - holy cow - are they hated!  

Top 5 Buybacks here!

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