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"I'm turning your portfolio into a Fed fallout shelter.

If your going to survive a Fed disaster you need food and beverages.

The last time rates when too high, in the year 2000, the real winners - the cereal stocks and the beverage stocks!

The big cereal and beverage players just moved right on up.  Now, that's what you want to see.
But Cramer be a discerning individual.  I'm going to do a taste test here on the show, among Kraft, General Mills and Kellogg on the cereal end; and Coke, Pepsi and Bud on the beverage end.

Even though they're all bullish, you only need to own one of each and, to figure out which, Cramer's going to put them to the ultimate taste test:  The Earnings Taste Test!

You can make money in any of them now, but Cramer wants to make sure that, when the rotation is over, you're still in the 'musical chair.'

Cramer's cereal winner/stock pick:

Cramer's beverage winner/stock pick:  PEP  (PEPSICO INC)

I think you buy Kellogg and Pepsi.  This is a winning combination!  That way, if rates get too high, you'll own two things that still make you some mad money!

The bottom line!:   Kellogg and Pepsi - that's the breakfast of champions!

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Interview With Coach CEO, Lew Frankfort


Coach Inc. CEO Lew Frankfort was on the show trying to explain why his companiy stock fell from $37 to $29.  It is, in Cramer's opinion a best of breed handbag company that had a similar decline in 1994.  COH will be opening 25 new stores and also plan on buying back $500 million in stock.  Cramer expects this stock to go back up to $37, and noted it's strong Monther's Day numbers.
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