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Opening Discussions:

"I am obsessed. Every day, all I tell you to buy is a different 'Optical Comunications Stock'. Thats because, as you know, I am always on the hunt for a Bull Markey. And right now, the Bull Market resides in Optical Communications. Ready for the next one? I think you should buy Avanax (AVNX)"
"AVNX designs and manufactures fiber optic-based products, called photonic solutions. AVNX targets telco system integrators and network carrier customers. AVNX maintains facilities in the USA, France, Italy, China and Thailand. So, if you need to put together a high quality optical network - and that's what most of the telcos need if they want to stay competitive with cable - then you need all these things from ANVX! "

Closing Discussion:

Educational Realty Trust (EDR)

"I've got the wacky one for you. I think you should stuff some money into Educational Realty Trust (EDR) and I don't care that it was up big on friday.It is still an incredibly cheap REIT (real estate investment trust). It's got a fabulous yield. You hold onto this baby for a year and you should get 8.3% dividend! That's the kind of yield that's so high, it's only acceptable from something like a reit, that is legally required to kick back most of its profits to investors.In other co. I'd tell you 8.3% yield was the stock's tombstone but, with EDR, it's just a lot of moolah in your pocket."..."They buy up apartments around college campuses. They fix them up, and then they rent out them out to students - holy cow, that's got pin action written all over it. A terrific business eclipsed only by prison real estate business.They've got 59 properties. You know, Chapel Hill, Penn. State, some of that Cal State Schools and Ohio State, among others; but their properties are primarily clustered in the south and in the rust belt.
Again, I’m thinking in the future, about what EDR ought to do while you're being paid to wait with an 8% dividend, while they do.Since this one is a REIT, it's also a great hedge against inflation. you'll be sinking your money in real estate so it should be safe as your cash gets less and less valuable.Bottom line!: I think you need to own EDR, because as they move in on urban schools, they should be one of the best growth stories out there. until then, they're paying you to wait with that huge dividend. EDR - that's for you!

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