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Tuesday  June 20, 2006

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"Boeing Pin Action"

A prime example of a 2 player market is Airbus and Boeing.  Airbus is not doing well at all, and with BA $6 up this is not a good time to get in there.   Here is the Boeing pin-action.
Triumph Group, Inc. TGI
HEICO Corporation HEI
Moog Inc. MOG.A

Triumph is an all-around airplane company with very little exposure to Airbus, it will no affect them.

Heico makes replacement parts.

And finally, Moog makes flight controls.

If you back up the truck on one of these bad boys though, Jim thinks you could make some 'Mad Money'.
"Always Room at the Paris Hilton"

Right now, the travel industry is booming.  Hotel rates are going up, and Cramer thinks that we should look into some hotels.  The players are:

Marriott International Inc. MAR
Four Seasons Hotel Inc. (USA) FS
Choice Hotels International, Inc. CHH
Hilton Hotels Corporation HLT
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc HOT

Sifting through all of the names, Jim comes up with Hilton.  A few months ago, he would not have recomended this stock.  Now, Jim calls this the best of breed.

As of December 29, Hilton  merged with Hilton International, a seperate company despite the similar name.  That placed Hilton as the biggest hotel chain in the world.

"I usually like smaller companies that have room to grow," he said. "But Hilton is too good to pass up."

It is expected to grow earnings at a clip of 20% or more and it has a 37% gross margin.

It has a much better gross margin than other hotels because it is trying to own fewer and fewer hotels and is renting out names to franchisees.

The gross margin is higher than most because it is attempting to own fewer hotels while leasing the name out to franchisees.

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