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Wedsnesday June 21, 2006

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"Market is Motion"


RIMM is mostly known as the maker of the Blackberry handheld device, among others.

The stock was up to $90 in March and has been down since.  They have had two lousy quarters, and the stocks is now calling.

They also have a product that will be offered by Verizon shortly, which should boost sales!

Cramer stressed that this stock is a trade and not an investment

The bottom line!:
  " I don't think RIMM can go much lower at this point, because everybody who could possibly hate it, including me, already does.  When their 8700 model starts appearing in Verizon stores, the stock should take off, and start getting good buzz, that's when you sell.  And, if you have the nerves of steel, which you know that I have, you can buy the stock ahead of the qtr., on the 29th."

"Cramer's candidates for the next medical equipment play"

1.  Viasys Healthcare Inc. (VAS)

2.  Vital Signs Inc. (VITL)

3.  Sirona Dental Systems (SIRO)

These are strong businesses, so even if you don't get a takeover, you could still make some mad money. 

The bottom line!:   "The big industrial conglomerates want to buy themselves medical diagnostic equipment companies.  We've seen almost $60 billion in acquisitions and I am betting we see more.  I want you in one of these.  Do some homework first; buy them after the close.  I think you go with VAS, VITL or, my personal favorite, SIRO, because the one thing that aging baby boomers really need are teeth.

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