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Thursday June 22, 2006

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It is a 'Trader's Market' according to Jimmy, and here are a few he likes:

Alcoa Inc (AA) and Alcan (AL)

Garmin (GRMN) - called this "the best company I have ever followed"

Rite Aid (RAD) - A penny stock that has the potential to get taken over and if not, it should rebound on its own.

General Motors Corp (GM) - "I'm willing to risk my neck I think the stock's headed to $30". Yep. Thats what he said.  

"A Game of Monopoly"

And the hat is not winning.  Neither is the little dog.  It is the Washing Machine.  

Actually, to be exact, it is Whirlpool 
WHR and Maytag.  The government allowed them to merge because the companies told the government that Whirlpool's private-label brand, Kenmore, would still compete with the merged entity.

The merger gives Whirlpool a 75% market share, and allowed the companies will save $250 million in costs.  (I only get $200 when pass go.)

Cramer says the time to buy this bad boy is NOW.

"Forgive This"
Cramer was talking insurance today, boy.  He named a few companies, but that was just filler until he cut to the chase.  Which was that he thinks that Allstate is the stock to be in on.

He explained that Allstate got KILLED after the Katrina storm, paying out nearly $5.7 Billion in damages.

But they have a plan.

First, they are not going to be insuring many coastal states, including New York.   They need to protect themselves from the storms of the future.  Instead, these clever dogs are going after the pople that DO NOT NEED INSURANCE. The ones that buy for medical, ethical, govermental etc.  

These clever bastards have come up with a gimmick that goes like this:  It is called a 'forgiveness policy'.   The will not raise rates for a customers first accident.  However (there is always a however), most people do not realize that the rates are already raised, thus paying for that first accident in advance.  

Cramer thinks that they are probabaly making more money this way than the old way.  Go figure.

"It is a best-of-breed company, so buy it now" Jimbalya Cramer said.

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