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Wednesday July 12, 2006


Pricing Power

Jim's message tonight was "Pricing Power".  He says that the following is a list of the ten top sectors and the stocks that have the power to raise prices. Before he began, he mentioned that certain stocks and sectors do not have any pricing power.

He used Intel and AMD as an example.  The are in a pricing war.  Therefore, they are trying to undercut each other, which in turn will under cut...all togther now, "The Bottom Line".

Jim also mentiond GM
FordNortel , LU and the The Gap as companies that have no pricing power.

Moving on to the list.      

Commercial Real Estate:
A Wall Street Journal article says that Manhattan office space is hot...Uhhh, ok. Duh.
Jim likes Equity Office PropertiesTrust EOP and Vornado Realty Trust VNO in this area.


Boeing Company, The BA. LIke you didn't know!  He mentioned the duopoly of this one, how it is really just BA and Airbus, and Airbus is falling to peices and BA will pick up the slack.

Valero Energy Corp. VLO.  They are the best, and they have 95% of the market's capacity.  No brainer.

No, not those kind of chemicals. And for the last time, I am not holding.  But really, Jim likes 
Automatic Data Processing ADP, who controls half of the global hydrogen market.  Plenty O' Demand, not much supply.  Beautiful situation.

Specialty Materials:
Brush Engineered Material BW. A monoply. 'Nuff said.

Cancer drugs = high prices.
Genentech, Inc. DNA and Celgene Corporation CELG have "unbelievable pricing power."

Another equation: War = Ridiculous price increases!
Lockheed Martin Corporation LMT and General Dynamics Corporation GD, baby.

Barge Biz:
Kirby Corporation KEX.

Oil Rigs:
Transocean Inc. RIG.  Oil rigs are in short supply.  Jimmy likes this one.

BHP Billiton Limited and EuroZinc Mining Corporation

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