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Today is Friday July 14, 2006

Thursday Night's Report:

Further refining his messege from yesterday's show, Jim drilled it down again and gave us three sectors to look to:  Utiltities, REIT's (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and regional banks.

Tech, retail and industrials are all losing cash or risky looking.

But, Cramer being Cramer, is always looking for the Bull Market.  So he says...
"Get into stocks with dividends!"  Solid ones at that.  That way, if the stock dips, the high yield is a cushion.

Be on the lookout for cheapies with buybacks and takeover targets as well.  

This is more of an intro to sectors as opposed to individual stocks



They usually have a high dividend.  Greeeeaaat in a bear market!  And people never cut back on utilities as much as they would hope to, not even during tough times.

The Public Utility Holding Company Act, enacted in 1935 was recently repealed.  It was designed to break up Samuel Insull's monopoly in the utilitiy game.

What does that mena, class?  It means Cascade Natural Gas
will merge with MDU . CHKBKHIDA and CNL could also be targets.

"Buy a little at a time", Cramer warned.
Regional Banks:  

Slade's Ferry Bancorp SFBC , Hudson City Bancorp, Inc. HCBK

Rising interest rates make banks unpopular takeover targets, but they are due to end shortly.  When the rates slow up, the banks will become cheap and then they become target practice.  Which is where we are.

Jim likes SBFC and HCBK.

Jim chose niether, however, and advised to do your own homework.

"If you jump all over them, you could turn a touchdown into a seven-and-a-half-yard gain,"

He believes the bull market is in regional banks.

REIT's (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

Jim like REIT's that own office/copmmercial property.  He DOES NOT like mall REIT's.  Jim named EOP
and VNO  as great companires on Weds.  Howvever, they are too big to get aquired.  He likes RA and BDN as takeover targets.

Booyah, Friends.

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