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Wednesday June 29, 2006

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Wednesday Night's Show:

(repeat of 1/31/06 show)

"Tonight is a special show:  devoted solely to my top ten American manufacturers:

Tonight, I want to tell you about something a little more long term than my usual recommendations.  This is a special show - a show about how the United States is once again a great manufacturing nation!

If you want to try to make money in the market, you have to ignore the sirens of our dissolution, and focus on the American manufacturers who are taking the world by storm, gobbling up market share and basically representing the best manufacturing in the world.

That's why tonight I give you Cramer's top ten American manufacturers.  These companies are the real big ten, and you need to be aware of their stature.

The real money has always been rooted in manufacturing.  The companies we're going to be talking about tonight and doing well.  In fact their kicking 'BRIC' - that's Brazil, Russia, India and China.

In no particular order, whatsoever, here is Cramer's big ten list:

The Big Ten American Manufacturers!

I want you to have this list, so you know which stocks are best of breed.  These companies will turn the U.S. into an industrial powerhouse.

#1:     FLR  (FLUOR CP (NEW))

   [engineering & construction]

FLR is one of the best infrastructure companies on earth.  Their only real rivals are BECTEL, HAL and FWLT.

Why is fluor better?  FWLT screwed up in the asbestos patch.  So much as I like the company and I do, it can't really be best of breed.  HAL?  Hated by the New York Times.  A high flyer.  And, unless you see it get crushed, FLR is the better value.  BECTEL is private.  I mean that leaves us with FLR as the best infrastructure company for you to buy and I want you to take a position in FLR.

FLR is known for building in dangerous places, and that is why we love FLR!

#2:     CMI  (CUMMINS INC)

    [engine maker]

Admit that you've never heard of Cummins (CMI).  CMI is the king of engines.  I consider them indeed, the Budweiser of engines.  They've got a great generator business too.

CMI will not be as good a stock in 2007, as it will be in 2006 because the buy in from those diesel regulations will hit this year and not next.
#3:     cat     [all things that need earth moving]
This company is the king of construction.   It's also the king of mining and forest equipment.

They're the acknowledged technological leader.  Anything you need in construction has cat written all over it.

You know this is the best play on construction out there, but did you know their also a great clean diesel pay?

Cat also broke the union over a decade ago, which is great for you if you own it.

#4:     DOW  (DOW CHEMICAL)   

[the best plastics company in the world]

The fourth member of my top ten manufacturers - another stinky, dirty company - is DOW chemical (DOW).

This is a company that spends $20 billion on natural gas every year, and still makes money.  You know how they do it?  Because they make plastic!

Don't you dare think of any other company for this, because I think DOW is the best there is.

And it's not just plastics - it's industrial chemicals.  It's the poly's - the building blocks of all industry - and they all come from DOW.

#5:     DE  (DEERE CO)

     [agriculture, construction, power, forestry - anything you need to grow stuff or tear things down]

This is really pimping' all over the world.  But, at the end of the day, half of their 46,000 are still in the U.S.A.

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