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Tuesday June 28, 2006

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Tonight, Mad Money with Jim Cramer showed a compilation of segments where Jim Cramer told "Mad Money" viewers about growth stocks in Japan.  He still thinks they are poised for growth.  He calls them his "7 Samurai Stocks".  Please note that hoomework must be done when dealing with these stocks due to the yen's exchange rates. When this first aired, Jim noted that "even if these stocks are all not worth buying right now, he said they will be worth buying at some point."  This could be it.  

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc (ADR) MTU

Toyota Motor Corporation (ADR) TM

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (ADR) HMC

Kubota Corporation (ADR) KUB

Matsushita Electric Ind. (ADR) MC

Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd. (ADR) KNBWY

Samauri #1:  

Mitsubishi UFJ
The first of Cramer's seven samurai is Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc (ADR) MTU  

Because Japan is positioned like the US was in '91, Cramer's says this is a buy.  He noted that when real estate bottomed out in the US in '91, it was time to buy banks, Citibank in particular.  

He says that Mitsubishi is looking just like Citibank was back then. But Cramer warned his viewers to be careful as Japanese interest rates could hurt this stock, but said that over the long term, Mitsubishi is a compelling story.

Samauri #2:

Kirin Brewery
The next name on Cramer's seven samurai list is Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd. (ADR) KNBWY.

Cramer is not a beer fan when it comes to stocks, but this company has developed at soybean based beer that is not subject to the country's malt tax.  SInce the beer was introduced, sales had tripled.

Although Cramer said he is a bear when it comes to American beer, he believes Kirin Brewery has a hot new product that will send the stock higher.

Kirin has developed a soybean-based beer that isn't subject to Japan's "malt tax," and the beer has turned out to be very popular, he said.

Japan's parliament may be changing the malt-tax laws to include soybean-based beer, so Cramer urged his viewers to do their homework before investing in the stock.

Samauri #3 & 4:

Toyota, Honda

The next pair of samurai Cramer mentioned is the auto business: Toyota Motor Toyota Motor Corporation (ADR) TM  and Honda Motor Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (ADR) HMC.

These companies both do extremely well, and they will both benefit if the yen 'softens' a bit..  Of the two, Jim Cramer prefers Toyota.

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