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April 17, 2006

I have a categorical imperative; a world historic mission to make you money!

Tonight's different.  Let's look at the market broadly.  You need to understand the underlying secular growth trends that make some stocks work, and others fail abysmally.

That's why, tonight, I want to talk to you about one all-consuming trend.  And the stocks that could help you make money off of it.

The trend is simple.  I want to try to help you make money off of the bull market in pillaging the earth!

I want to explain why this bull market exists; it's not just about owning the right stocks.  See, you really do have to understand why these stocks are going up, and why they're not done going up.

I'll give you the stocks that could make you money off this most vigorous, red-blooded bull market.  And these are going to fall into two categories: The ones who own the minerals and the guys who mine and process the stuff; so two categories: Mining companies and mining equipment companies.

After I give you the companies, I am going to tell you how you know when it's time to ring the register!


Show Intro

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