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'Rigging The Odds'

"On Cramer's Mad Money, there's only one thing we care about as much as trying to make money, and that's justice!  Cramer justice!

Tonight, I want to try to correct a little market injustice, so I can try to make you some money.

For the last decade, Indonesia's oil production has been on a hideous decline.  Indonesia's a member of OPEC, but last year, they became a net importer of petroleum; that's just embarrassing!

For 10 years, their production's been declining.  For 10 years, they've been trying to get it to come back up.

Now, finally, oil prices are high enough that oil companies want to invest in new oil exploration and production, even in so called unstable areas.

Indonesia's been waiting for this for years, and it's finally profitable enough to become a reality. But, last week, it hit a snag.

Exxon Mobil (XOM) and the Indonesian state oil pt peramina said they might not drill at the $2.6 billion CEPU project until next year"

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'Pick of the Week'

"I want to step up to the plate and put my credibility back on the line!

I'm bringing back the stock of the week and Cramer's pick is: Nuvasive (NUVA)!

This is a medical device maker that focuses on spinal problems.  They make all kind of gear for minimally-invasive back surgery.

I regard this as fabulous play on aging baby boomers with bad backs who are in the house of pain.

NUVA is my stock of the week.  But what exactly does that mean?  It does not mean that, if you buy NUVA today, you will have made money by Friday.  We're not going to be that stupid.  This is no Crystallex.

The purpose of my stock of the week is to highlight something that I think could be really big - what I used to call at Goldman Sachs a 'Blue Plate Special'!

I'm making NUVA my stock of the week because I think you should buy it this week, after all the people come in after hours, screw it up, and then sell it, and violate all my rules"

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‘Telco Turnaround'

"Avaya is making a comeback.  I'm talking about the nation of Avaya!

I never thought I'd see the day when AV would be worth buying again, frankly.  I have to tell you, I had written this one off, as well as a host of the telco sector.  You know, a lot of these I just never thought would bottom.

I never imagined I would be hitting what I guess I have to do.  I have to hit the triple buy button for avaya... buy, buy, buy!

But it looks like AV's time has come.

If you're like most people, you probably don't have a clue what AV does.

AV is a telco co.  They're the next part of what I'm calling 'the Cramer Telco Reunion Tour.'

We had the Cramer tech rally which, by the way, is still rolling in the gadgets and some of the chip makers.  Now, we've got 'the Cramer Telco Reunion Tour.'

And it features some stocks that have taken some profits here"

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